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You've got your property,

NowRentIt provides you with the ability to rent out your properties online.

With our custom designed websites, entice prospective tenants into your properties. Your professional online appearance will give them the confidence to move forward with your company.

Allow your tenants to securely pay their rent online. NowRentIt makes it easy. Tenants are kept up to date on there payment history.

Through the NowRentIt admin panel, easily update your tenants with the documents and information they need.


Collect Rent

Tenants can securely pay rent online.

Tenants are kept up to date on their payment dates.

Receive Applications

Interested Tenants can inquire more about properties.

Receive emails straight from the website.

Manage Properties

Keep your properties up to date.

New property available? Easily add it and get prospective tenants interested!

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